Planner_and_iPodAs I was reading in Jonah the other day, this verse jumped out at me… Jonah 1:17 “Now the Lord had arranged for a great fish to swallow Jonah.”

That word “arranged” really stood out to me.  You see, I’m a “planner”.  I’ve been involved in administration since I was very young.  I’ve spent most of my “career” life as an administrative assistant.  I love to look ahead in my calendar & plan things.  I enjoy making checklists & checking things off.  I live by a calendar & task list.  I tend to get a little bit stressed out if I can’t look ahead to make plans & think through details.

Over the past few years God has brought me through a process of learning to “let go” more & trust Him for my future.  But I still have a ways to go!   This verse made me laugh at myself though… because God is the “ultimate administrator”.  He “arranged” a whale to swallow Jonah.  He created the universe in very detailed order.  He orchestrates our lives & arranges for divine appointments & connections all throughout our day.  There are 6 billion+ people on the earth, and he even knows the number of hairs on each of our heads.  The Bible says he clothes the flowers & feeds the birds!

And the funny thing is that I still get nervous about little things in my life & how they are going to work out!  God is SO able to work out things… and in even better ways than I could imagine!  I’ve seen God work out things in beautiful ways time & time again in my own life!

So, as I read that verse today I was just reminded to again put my life into the hands of the “ultimate administrator”, my Father God!  He has it all under control & He has great things in store for all of us!  He can work out the details far better than I ever could!  And, I’m very thankful for that!  :)