Confession:  I’m not a statistician.

You probably aren’t either.

But if I were to guess based on my non-statistician status, I would say that 95% of our lives are made up of regular, ordinary, mundane, routine or otherwise mediocre days… give or take 5%.  (Another confession:  I’m completely making up these percentages, so don’t get too worried about the exact number!)

Most of us have some very amazingly wonderfully milestone-type days in our lives like getting married, job promotions, having a baby, graduations, huge accomplishments, turning points, etc.  And most of us have some tragic or incredibly terrible milestone days.  (I hope for all of us that these days are very, very few!)

If I’m even somewhat close with my percentages, it tells me that the very normal, regular, ordinary, routine, mundane, and/or mediocre days are what really make up the core of our life.  And, these days could ultimately determine the “success” or “failure” of our life dreams and goals.

Now, I realize that the words “success” or “failure” are very subjective, and different in the minds of each person.  So, I’ll let you decide what you consider to be a successful life.   But, the point of all of this is that if we can “master” our regular days, we essentially can “master” our lives.

This thought has challenged me so much in these last few years!  What can I do to improve my “normal” day?  What small acts of kindness can I incorporate into my day that could change someone else’s life?   How can I better manage my time to add value to my day?  What small adjustment can I make to add important things like more devotions, calling to encourage someone, learning a new skill, changing/replacing a bad habit, etc?

One of my heroes & mentors who has now passed on used to always say “The small refinements of a good thing are what make it great. “  What small things can you change that could help you “master” today, and ultimately your life?