Hailey 1st grade school pic cropped square

I have four young children, and they constantly keep me laughing with the funny things they say!  I’m trying to write down as much as I can so I can always look back on it.

Tonight I needed a little “pick me up”, so I started looking back through my journal of kid sayings.  I was cracking up remembering my sweet Hailey girl as a talkative 2 year old, especially now that she’s starting to act so grown up.  This picture is from her school pictures as a first grader this year.  Time is flying way too fast!  But, let’s not think about that!  Instead, here are a few funnies from when Hailey was two! :)

Me: “Are your arms tired, Hailey?”   H: “No.  They’re just lawning (yawning)!”

H: “I’m not too tired, I’m just three tired.”

H: “Is Daddy my daughter?”

H:  ”When Mommy was a little baby, her had a little mommy named Nana.”

H:  ”I was just dish washerding”

H: “That is soaking hilarious!”

H: “Daddy’s my princess!”

H: (pulling out her dress up clothes, she hands me one) “This one is stinking bootie.” (sleeping beauty) ;)

H:  At nursery at church she went around giving all her little friends “hanitizer” (hand sanitizer)

H: “You’re the mommy in the wholdest world!”

H: “I think the sunshine came out to see the kiddos!”

H: “I hate lunch!”  Me: Do you mean you ATE lunch?  H: “No, I hate lunch because I’m STILL hungry!”